Kartik Chadha

I am a passionate photographer who uses his photography skills to interact with the outside world. I try to link with my clients by welcoming their thoughts and then shaping them into a masterpiece. All my work is the brainchild of my imagination and creativity. I strive to bring my photographs as close as possible to my imagination, with a touch of creativity.

I am a qualified Engineer and initially started with photography as only a hobby. With time, the realisation of it being a potential career choice dawned upon me.

I have experimented in various fields of photography and am still experimenting, looking for a style that is unique and truly mine, be it Fashion & Portraits, Night life Events, Interior, Visual Story telling and Food and Product. I feel like I should not stop experimenting because the moment you do that, you lose the zing and become a normal photographer.
To me, photography is all about capturing the moments, observing , connecting with the surroundings. It is about finding the extraordinary in ordinary surroundings. I feel it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.

Photography is my passion and my purest form of expression.